Legacy Society Member Spotlight: Daniel Morton
January 10, 2017

With patience and tenacity, you can do anything you set your mind to. That’s Legacy Society craftsman Daniel Morton’s personal credo, and he’s proven himself right time after time.

 We first learned about Dan when he joined the Legacy Society and submitted photos of his unique carved wood spiral lamp. We were interested in hearing more about Dan and his woodworking, and we thought you'd enjoy getting to know his story too.

On his own at age 14, Dan was hitchhiking around the country at 16, logging 30,000 miles over several years and learning everything he could, everywhere he went. A former carpenter, machinist and military serviceman, Dan also worked at Disney World in the 1970s, completing the outside trim and installing the show mechanics for the Haunted Mansion.

 Making a successful living as a craftsman of custom wood mailboxes, he came up with the idea and design for his four spiral lamp in 1981 – and then realized he’d have to create the tools and machinery to make it possible. Dan says, “It took five minutes to design the lamp and three years to implement it.” Since developing his spiral woodcarving technique, Dan has been working on other implementations for the design, including furniture and decorative pieces.

 At a time of life when most of us would be retired and taking it easy, Dan is now working on creating a ceramic version of his spiral lamp. He’s an inspiration to us at A Craftsman’s Legacy – and we’re proud to introduce him to you!

 Read about Dan's process for creating the lamp and see more photos of his work at my4spiral.com.

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